Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Publishing "Agro"

The foundation of publishing house

The publishing house “Agro”, as a part of the structure of the GAAS was founded upon the order of its President G. Aleksidze and in full accordance with Georgian regulation.

The goal of the unit is to organize publishing and editing activities which will provide a solid foundation for scientific and economic potential of the Academy. To achieve the goal the “Agro” aims to fulfill the following aims:
- Provide the basis for the new style and vision in editorial work which will be in full correspondence with the market demands through close cooperation with Georgian and foreign scientists and experts;
- Editorial work will be directed towards producing targeted scientific, methodological, popular and applied type of product, also it will offer to the customers study materials, information, recommendations, consulting and other types of product;
- Publish targeted an materials in the field of agriculture;
- Define the strategy, profile, specific aspects, style of work and forms, also topics and structure;

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