Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Academy Goals

💠 To resolve the relevant objectives the Academy leads scientific-research and expertise character activities. In case of need it creates and leads temporary creative teams, scientific-research groups/collectives;

💠 The Academy considers and evaluates annual reports and completed research works mirroring scientific activity of scientific-research institutions of agrarian sphere. The Academy is authorized to demand necessary additional information from those organizations and to deliver results of expertise to those organizations, to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, foundation for science development and other concerned organizations.

💠 The Academy carries out examination of scientific activity and works, organizes scientific discussions, symposiums and conferences;

💠 The Academy issues printed and electronic scientific journals and other periodical publications, carries out international exchange of scientific literature;

💠 The Academy leads popularization of scientific achievements and scientific heritage; it organizes public lectures in educational scientific institutions and other concerned organizations and offices;

💠 The Academy may become a member of international scientific organizations; it establishes contacts with leading world scientists and scientific-research centers;

💠 It coordinates research activity of scientific institutions;

💠 It grants titles of the best agrarian profile scientific institution and the best agrarian-scientist of the year and grants awards;

💠 It carries out other activities, inclusive subsidiary economic ones, associated with the objectives of the Academy by the observance of rules stipulated by legislation.

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