Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Academic Department

Barvenashvili Head of Department - Dr. of Agriculture   Marine Barvenashvili

Functions of the Department:

Academic Department represents a structural unit of the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
In its activities, the department is managed by the regulations of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
The main objectives of the department are the following:
· Coordination of academic department activities;
· Reviewing of their member scientists scientific research works; Development of annual reports;
· Printing and publishing practical scientific recommendations for farmers.
· Presentation of different problems and issues on academic board and publishing in the academy's newspaper "Macne" .

Academic Department collects annual reports from academy full members and corresponding members for further revision. Provides information about official statistics on the development of agriculture. Coordinates proper functioning of academy web-site; Provides organization of local and international scientific - practical conferences regarding agricultural scientific issues.

Head of Academic Department, leading specialists, scientific consultants represent the department staff. Academy's library is also enrolled in the Department.

Administrative Department

aDeputy President, Head of  Department - GAAS  academician   Anatoli Giorgadze

       The main functions:

- - Administrative Department has the responsibility of ensuring that the administrative activities within the GAAS run efficiently. To effectively manage the utilization of human, financial, material and other resources in order to ensure the attainment of the overall Academy's objectives.

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