Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Main approaches to the problems of implementation

Main approaches to the problems of implementation and distribution of scientific -technical progress in Georgian agriculture

1. Development of the agricultural fields of food production focused on raising the level of food supply to the population, such as grain industry; potato, vegetable oil, mebostneoba orchard/mebaxcheoba and cattle breeding together with food production.
2. Agricultural fields oriented on producing goods for export, such as, viticulture and wine making, horticulture, canned food industry, tea production, subtropical cultures, ethyl oils, heeling plants, tobacco production, sericulture, and sheep wool production. D
3. Development of industrial and social infrastructure and regulatory base for its perfection; It comprises the following fields: agrarian economy, mechanization, electrification, agro-engineering services, soil protection and raising productivity, melioration, protection of plants and farm cattle, food storage, creating goods for market, food processing and selling.

Prioritizing particular directions to guarantee a sustainable development of Georgian agrarian sector and farms.

1. Working out some progressive methods and ecologically proven technologies of cultivating agricultural products and their implementation in the farm industries;
2. Inventing innovative methods of meat products to manufacture ecologically pure products.
3. Creating advanced technologies for processing safe products from local raw material.

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