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Major directions in scientific-technical programs

Major directions in scientific-technical programs  of agro-food complex in conditions of market economy

“Market is a place through which order and disorder is recognized in economy”

In the process of development of agrarian complex in conditions of market economy one of the major roles is assigned to scientific-technical development led by the specialists of agriculture working in our country.
Market economy poses a few fundamental questions which should be answered, such as:
How much product should be produced? What part of existed resources should be used in the process?
What shall we produce? What range of assortment should meet the customer’s demands?
How should product be manufactured?
Does existed system have adaptation capacity?
The programs presented hereinafter try to answer the abovementioned questions.

1. A model of Agro-food complex development in Georgia on conceptual level.
The program depicts new conceptual principals and motivations for development of the agricultural regions of Georgia; Also defines its aims and market strategy; system of priorities; resource potential; plans for restructuring of agriculture, food processing and service system in the country; works out model of specialization of production according to regions; some typical models of business plans will be worked out on the examples of specific plants and companies; the level of food provision for the population will be defined and measures for its regulations will be outlined; export-import of food products; possible connections with foreign countries and its evaluation; regions of Georgia and state budget relationship. It will also deal with Agro-food complex development and state regulation in different regions of Georgia; Market service functioning model; Regional agro-food complex optimal development directions according to the regions.

The program covers the period of ........................................................

1. Targeted scientific- technical program “martsvali” deals with working out new technologies for production and raising the productivity of grain and legume plan cultures.
2. Provision with the new technologies and their implementation into production process will help to solve the effective program the goal of which is to provide Georgian population with bread and other corn products.
3. The aim of scientific-technical program – “ Vine and Wine” is to achieve perfection in quality of vine, wine and wine products through implementation of new technologies in viticulture and winemaking.
4. With the help of the activities outlined by the program, high quality hybrid and introduced species of vine will be obtained, also the existed ones will be improved and genetic selection methods will be applied. For table wine production species which have different ripening periods will be selected, but for wine material and champaign wine production, it is advisable to select breeds which are well adapted to extreme climate conditions. Also, hybrid and unique breeds of vine fund will be enriched. New intensified technologies for vine planting and grape collecting will be developed, which will raise soil fertility in the vineyards and increase production of ecologically pure products.
Technological process will be improved which will significantly raise the quality of Georgian wines and the productivity of the wine production.

4. The main goal of a scientific- technical program – “ horticultural crops” is to work out innovative technologies and other technical devices to increase productivity and volume of production .
Scientific work in selection with the help of new methods of bio-technologies will be continued to promote high yield fruit which will be characterized by the best tasting qualities and will have ability to adapt to extreme climatic conditions.
The technologies for production of planting material of berry and nut plants should be worked out. Also technologies to fight against pests – biological methods should be widely applied in the system of plant protection.

5. The goal of scientific- technical program – “Vegetable - orchard cultures and technical cultures” is to work out scientific recommendations which will promote implementation of innovative technologies including processing of alternative technologies and will meet increased demands of the local market.

6. The purpose of scientific- technical program “Preservation and processing of food “ is to work out new technologies for food keeping, preservation, processing, and transportation.
-Also production of new, non-traditional products;
- Broadening the scope of assortment of baby food on regional basis.

7. Scientific- technical program – “working our new technologies in mechanization and electrification of agriculture”, also includes production and implementation of new technical devices.
To implement the above mentioned program, the main parameters for technical devices and services have been already worked out.

8. Also major directions in development of tea, bee, silk and other fields of agriculture have been outlined.

Theoretical and technical aspects of projects in different fields of agriculture will be worked out by the scientific groups of Georgian Academy of Agriculture upon demands which will be stipulated by agreement between the customer and the Academy.

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